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Fentastic Creations designs artisan products that are unique, colorful, sustainable, affordable and above all - beautiful. 

Our teenage owner, artist and entrepreneur Fenley Scurlock, started Fentastic Creations at seven years old. He grew up frequenting antique shops and flea markets, and learned the art of scouting for unique artifacts that could be repurposed into products that are both useful and beautiful. As an avid traveler, he draws inspiration from places he visits all around the world.

Since 2015, we have been selling our creations at local artists' and farmers' markets. We have also made custom orders for holiday parties, bridal showers, and corporate events. Fenley has won awards for "Best Business", "Best Presentation" and "Best Sales Pitch" in his age category at young entrepreneur fairs in Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland. 


Fenley's book about entrepreneurship for Gen Z and Gen Alpha, Down to Business, was published by Random House in 2024. Learn more at

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Our glycerin soaps are formed in antique gelatin molds and Madeleine cake tins from France. We mix colors and infuse delightful smelling essential oils to create soaps that have been described by customers as "colorful gumdrop explosions" and "bits of stained glass."

Our hand-sculpted polymer clay pens are crafted using colorful clay, wrapped around a refillable pen, baked, and coated with glaze. Each design is unique and the swirling, whimsical patterns are reminiscent of the marbled paper made famous in Florence, Italy. 

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